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Formal SignWriting in ASCII (FSW)

Signs are written as SignWriting words
with mathamatical names of ASCII characters
from the set: ABLMRS0123456789xabcdef.
Stable since January 2012.

SignWriting in Unicode (SWU)

Signs are written as SignWriting words with
an experimental Unicode character design that
overwrites the Sutton SignWriting Block
(U+1D800 - U+1D9FF) and uses Plane 4
for the Sutton SignWriting symbols.


A sign is written as a word with 2 parts. The first part is for visual display in 2-dimensions based on math. The second part is for sorting in 1-dimension based on history.



All sign languages are supported. Any sign is possible. The writer chooses the spelling.



A small footprint, easy transformations, and fast processing makes Formal SignWriting a powerful choice for representing sign language as text.


A sign by any other name

Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting with Adam Frost, Holly Sharer & Jason Nesmith, June 2016

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